Water.Reflection.Generator.2.6.and.portable(media fire link)

With this interesting program you have the opportunity to impose on any image with any image reflection effect in the country. the process of creating such images is very simple. You just open it up and just one click you have a picture as you like. Can create a simple and fast simulation a wave effect and reflection pools. It is very practical to make icons, to decorate the site or quite simply to have fun . It can be used of course for images with water but you can expand the choice for the monuments, portraits or to create dynamic text. The different parameters available to adjust the results. Start by determining the number of frames. size of the original image is an important parameter. If the image is too small, the wave will not display and video does not look like it. If the image is too large, animation will not be enough to wiggle sexy ling waves. Reflet can export animation as animated GIF format, as sequences of images and as AVI format. After saving image as GIF format, this software is proposed to create an HTML page to test results. this author:

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