Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4:00 REV 15202 (x86/x64) - Filter for specialists Photosshop(media fire link)

Nik Color Efex Pro filters to give your image more features to beautify your pictures easily and quickly. Leading in image filtering, 3 plug-in from Nik Color Efex Pro filters offer you extensive and effective help you beautify your pictures more beautiful than ever. Nik Color Efex Pro includes 3 collections and allows you to select the collection that best suits you. + 6-bit functionality 

+ The True Light ™ Color How to make your photos even more beautiful by keeping gioh et relationship between color and luminance information. True Light Color Mechanism film Enginecung range allows users to achieve better results. 

+ Advanced Panel provides controls filter to protect the highlights and shadows of the images to enhance image quality.Only when you choose to avail filter, Advanced Panelcung level histogram allows you to go back to previous steps. 

+ great option and broader view. 

+ Selective module that allows you to apply any filter quickly and easily. 

+ A series of Reflector filters and more light control. 

+ The color conversion (Color, Black and White, Camera heat). 

+ multi-filter calculation (Both C41 - E6 and E6 - C41). 

+ and over 30 new filters. 

+ This is the most powerful plug-in, professional tone correction of images, the photography world 

spend a lot of image pro ... , But it's designer can use the effects of 
this plug-in order to adjust the tone just right for stock or apply it to blend, 
creating a star effect is up to you to use only ....


es ke to download back up he nahi hae


yeah ye to download he nai huta hy


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