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Album DS is the album design software for Photoshop and works just like the toolbar in Photoshop CS or later. Areas of Photoshop design is used to design album instead of the tailored program, which means that creativity is not limited because you can directly access all the tools of Photoshop . If you need a template, it will be opened in Photoshop with the size of the album just by double clicking on the icon template; you do not find the form was available as well as the size of the sample in accordance with any period in which size is best: you edit in Photoshop because size always work file format PSD.Album DS automates the design process by keeping track of images was used, automatically put the images, add effects, allowing direct access and easy on the sample, backgrounds, masks, geometric pattern, the pattern applies to photos, the frame type ... Each album will be saved in its own folder, you can change from one album to another by just selecting the folder and all the albums, photos, and the control of the directory will be retrieved with the album . This even allows you to easily create backup copies for the album that you have done by creating a backup for the folder containing the album and all the files in it. You can even create entire a complete album automatically by selecting the available formats and sample photos to add, and the remaining work will complete Album DS. It also supports filtering operations for the samples available You can search the photos, horizontally arranged images; The program also supports the reaction to all parts of the image when mouseover, resize images and make stick on the window of Album DS. I think you should download the trial version of the trial program, the program will not mark photos or revisions to your album and also provides a set of templates, background , nat mask ... Within 30 days you can use this tool and designed his first album quickly and creatively. Album DS provides more than 600 templates, automatically resizing any size in any of the album; you just double click the template and it will be opened in Photoshop ready to use immediately. Use square templates for vertical albums or vice versa without changing your cracked or distorted. Templates can also be rotated to the vertical axis or horizontal axis and can be easily combined because they are designed templates in PSD file format is plain and open in Photoshop ™. Album DS is the solution perfect design for magazine, coffee table, flat and even matted albums and is compatible with any album of any manufacturer does. Album DS is more than an album design tool. The program can easily be used in the Signature Studio Prints, Collages, Stationary, Sports Trader Cards, Custom Studio Proof Prints, or any other product that you want to combine multiple images, masks, frames and borders. But or than that for Album DS you do not learn much because the program is very intuitive and works from within Photoshop, a tool that you use almost every day. Whether you are a Photoshop expert or a novice with Photoshop, you will find that Album DS will help you a lot while creating amazing works of art or your own. Album DS has many photos and other enhancements but of course attached to your investment in other programs in the form of plug-ins and actions will still be in the program so that you will not even have to go back and forth between Photoshop and stand alone applications is limited. You can access all the filters, brushes, fonts, shapes ... in your Photoshop program and you can also edit and add your own templates easily, styling masks, frames and even add your own photos or drawings to use as backgrounds or clipart. You can rotate, resize and reposition your pictures while designing and change when you want without fear of image degradation caused by the more less. Album DS ™ maintains a link with your images so final quality will not be affected. You can also change the ratio of the design after you have sold the album at a rate and want to make another album with different rates. Album DS is more than just a prototyping tool that album alone As a wedding photo album software, complete with new photographers. Program More than 199 masks (sloppy border and edge effects) can be easily added to the class object only with a double click, 560 complete frames can be completely configured and rectified, 115 backgrounds, a form of decorative clipart images and of course you can add your own to decorate Album DS. You can even share your designs and templates with other photographers; Album DS is the only design system can be expanded and reconfigured to meet the full requirements of any user. Please use this feature to create and to arrange to view all photos in your album and then add the pictures to templates available, you can even let it sequence design your album or choose to manually design classes and templates. Everything can and is done easily. You can keep track of photos you have used, the design framework and template filtering system of the program will search quickly and easily templates available that you need. This is the wedding album design software that professional photographers expect. Easy to use, fast and affordable. Program available digital wedding album templates that you can use immediately. In the program also includes editing tools great, and with just one click will turn your picture into a portrait splendor, enhance contrast, whiten teeth, photos converted to sepia or black and white photos and even create drawings by hand without compromising on quality and effects options, and can easily modify at any time if you prefer to design a unique work for yourself in Photoshop, you will need a tool that makes quick work and do the job automatically: Album DS, Photoshop Album Design Plugin will help you improve your design and help to design more innovative. have a program for Mac and Windows computers. The program is fully compatible with Photoshop ™ CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4. The program is compatible with both operating systems Vista.Cac main features: * Sample album: The program has up to 500 templates have been divided into the categories Double Page spreads, Single Page spreads (grouped by type as Traditional (Classic), type of creativity (Creative), interesting style (Fancy), Modern (Modern) and style trends (Trendy)), Children (Bbaby), colleagues (Collages), The greeting cards (notice, invitation card ...), Cover Photo Book / Album, Entertainment (magazine covers), Photo Book / Album Dust Jackets, first page, last page, Marketing (business cards, DVD labels, cover disc DVD, book marks, calendars) Seniors, Sports (card clubs ...), video content summary ... Click here to download the full PDF version of My Designer Edition Templates (file size approximately 5MB). * Wallpaper: Wallpaper Up to 45 files full of creativity and art, designed by Studio booked individually MyDesigner together and always ready to help you create your own designs as well as when using the design and revise available. * Clipart: Up to 58 images with high resolution in the creative design and you can use to revise its sole discretion. The picture of the sports equipment, baby footprints, calendar year 2008, CACC type frames on paper, video, photos, the fun dots, stripes and notes the names of some other art files. * The mask: 25 additional masks can be used to change or add settings using different and more combine both your own design into the design for more customers. • Patterns Fancy: The fun pattern samples are used as the type of class for special types of fill layers applied in a lot of MyDesigner design Studio helps you get the stunning design. Patterns can really enhance any design that can make so that your customers get excited when they see the final result. The sample pattern can manually adjust the ratio as you drag the slider in the layers palette so that you have observed exactly the size you set ke.Ban 5.5.2 * Added option for complex multi-layer frames, this file must be in PSD format and end with "_d.psd" for example "myframe_d.psd". This frames are suitable for use shape layers and whole documents, and will be resized to fit the design target and some layers called Decor will mantain aspect ratio after changing resize. Xmas frames of this style in the update * Fixed a small bug when changing the size on the computer display when the window horizontal control bar in the zoom level. * Corrected a problem when using clipart Mac version, clipart layers were not correctly placed in the order. * Additional background on Christmas 59 * There are 14 additional multi-layer frame Christmas special