Norton Ghost 2003 free download (media fire link)

Norton Ghost 2003: Overview Norton Ghost is a tool which allows you to backup your entire hard drive or partitions on your hard drive in-case something goes wrong with them at a later date. You can do this to a second hard drive, a number or CD’s or a DVD.
Before Norton Ghost 2003 you had to have knowledge of DOS commands to be able to successfully backup your drive. Now there is a nice new shiny front end that will do all of the hard work for you. All you know have to tell it is what you want to backup and to where.
Below is a guide running through the basic steps of backing up a drive in Norton Ghost 2003 followed by doing an Image Integrity Check. After that I will run through the Ghost Explorer program so that you can view the files inside your image and finish up with Restoring your image back onto your hard drive.
Norton Ghost 2003 TipsI would reccommend that you make your image after you have reformatted and setup your computer. This way you have a nice clean system to restore to if something goes wrong. Also the overall size of the file will be significantly smaller than if you have lots of programs installed. It will work if you do it on a system that has been running for a while but remember any problems that you had will also be restored.
Backing up your image to a hard disk will be quicker than to CD or DVD. However you must do this to a second harddrive. You can't place your image on the same harddrive that you are trying to make an image of.
Norton Ghost 2003: Image BackupAfter installing Norton Ghost you should see an icon like the one below in your tool bar. This is the Norton Ghost icon. You can either click on this or run the program from the Start menu.


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