Adobe Illustrator CS5 + Keygen (media fire link)

Adobe Illustrator is an application most commonly defined as a vector graphics editor which offers tools to play around with your vector art designs.
The Adobe Illustrator CS5 is mainly developed for advanced photograph enthusiasts and offers them incredible photo enhancing tools and also they can access the online service of Adobe called Adobe CS Live.
The incredible features of Adobe Illustrator allows you to perform various tasks that will improve your photographies, such as:

* complex vector drawing instruments which allows you to generate different effects with lots of tools, you can use multiple types of brushes and also you’ll get incredible others advanced instruments

* gradients and transparency utilities which allow you to work straight with the desired objects.

* excellent strokes with offers multiple types of such tools, arrowheads, art brush scaling, dashes etc.

* directly editing into Appearance panel.

* you can use the Adobe CS Review service which allows you to post reviews so that users worldwide can learn from you, the Adobe CS Review is a service offered by the Adobe CS Live.

* it has support for multiple graphic types of files such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, EPS, PDF, PSD, FXG, DWG, SWF, DXF, SVG etc.

* excellent features which allow you to create Adobe PDF files.

* professional typography instruments.

* excellent perspective drawing tools.

* up to 100 artboards that you can use to work on.

* multiple image drawing improvement tools and many other incredible tools for your photography enhancement.

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