WonderBit LifePhotoMaker (Pro Edition) v 1.62(media fire link)


What is LifePhotoMaker?

LifePhotoMaker brings your digital photos to life by letting you easily add water, weather, and sound effects. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can animate your photos in just a few steps. No graphic design skills required!

LifePhotoMaker Full Feature List :

Water effects

Apply up to 6 different types of water effects in a single image

Customize water effect settings such as amplitude, frequency, direction, etc.

Choose from preset water effects such as waterfall, lake, river, etc.

Weather effects

Add a snow effect to photos

Add a rain effect to photos

Customize the particle counts, transparency, rain-drop length, snow-flake size,

and wind direction

Sound effects

Add wav files into your creation

Add sounds up to 8 channels

Customize the sound to appear randomly, at specific times, or loop continuously

Build your creations as screensavers

Add background music (mp3, wma)

Show a clock

Adjust sound and music volume

Build your creations as executables

Add background music (mp3, wma)

Adjust sound and music volume

Build your creations as animated gifs

Customize FPS (frames per second), resolution, and length

Dithering filter to minimize quality degradation

Build your creations as videos (.avi)

Build avi using any codecs available in your system

Customize the video resolution

Customize the video length

Preview the result of your project instantly

Auto preview provides instant feedback of your changes in real time,

meaning you can see the result right away while you are drawing the water


Full screen preview to view your creation with sound effects

Works in Windows XP, Vista, 7, (32/64bit)  


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