GoldSolution PC Auto Shutdown 5.1-CORE(media fire link)

You use your computer and want to save power consumption? The new hardware will be released this response. However, you do not have opportunity to upgrade and purchase new equipment there? Then try using Auto Shutdown Manager. How to reduce power consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and save money with a time? Make sure you all want to do these things, but you may wonder how a computer program that could accomplish that? If you stop and think questions, you will find this perfectly reasonable. At least in theory. 

If your PC still works when you do not use, do not need anything to it, simple as you would spend more for electricity bills. You know what? PC also CO2 emissions into the environment and in fact it represented by the room temperature increased. But some people will say: "But I have air conditioning, fans, and some further reduce the heat map." In fact, few home users think critically and to spend money on this problem.

You can be avoided with a few simple tasks: shutdown state or the computer in stand by when not in use.Yeah, you can do but let me add something else to do than when you change game? That is why Auto Shutdown Manager was born. 

Auto Shutdown Manager is a professional utility to manage their energy use of computers, will help you reduce energy consumption 80% of laptop computers individuals, even Server system is using Windows, by bringing into the state system of self-management activities and the setting was previously installed. 

It is an energy management system professional with many features, easy to install, easy to use. It manages the process shutdown, restart, as well as stand by, hibernate or log off user of the system, compatible with computer networks or run any application. In short, you can set up any software or hardware resources to avoid unwanted shutdown so the ability to Auto Shutdown Manager errors are reduced to 0. 

a particular point of Auto Shutdown Manager is in the last blue screen will show the money, energy and CO2 you've saved during shut down or stand by the system. Furthermore, the Protocol tab of Auto Shutdown Manager, you may find your system has operated for how long, the average power consumption and cost estimates to be paid. 

Auto Shutdown Manager can save you from disease " meningitis pocket "by saving energy, and vice versa, you can protect your applications by limiting the number of users via a password to access the Auto Shutdown Manager program. By doing this you can prevent the mischievous child or a negligent accident that sent tuning (especially when you're a system administrator). 

When you are done all the settings you want to program activities, you'll see that thanks to Auto Shutdown Manager jobs should you have to manually do this is easy to automate how. When about to shutdown the system, Auto Shutdown Manager will inform you and let you choose to delay this process or cancel. 

You do not necessarily have to be a person knowledgeable about computers to be able to use this program , and if you are a novice in IT, you can leave the default mode and to determine when the system shutdown. You will not be startled with the design of Auto Shutdown Manager, it's not flashy with dozens of colorful embellishment. It's totally unnecessary and I think this is at the heart of Auto Shutdown Manager. Auto Shutdown Manager will inform you of events for both image and sound depending on your choice, if not, it will work in silence. 

Some of the advantages of the program: Easy to use, integrates many organizations Advanced features which attracts many users, especially those savings, which can run hidden on the system so less memory. 

However, the program also suffered some shortcomings as: Interface not the beautiful and eye catching. It should be nice to have the ability to change features "always on top" when carrying out the main window.A help menu is going well with some users who do not experience. 

In fact, Auto Shutdown Manager is an intermediary between energy saving tool and an application on your computer, so the functions are quite diverse sure will turn it into a specialized program. It is useful and is a cheap solution for most users. 

Auto Shutdown Manager as very good and stylish the job. It has many features that you do not see in this kind of program, but the job is simple shutdown, I have seen many applications are not so expensive or even free. But you know, of course is what you pay for. 

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

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